What actually is 'active'?

Walking the dog counts. So does that spot of gardening you did at the weekend.
Forget marathons, podiums and medals. You don't have to be playing sport to be 'active'.


Even if you think you’re not being ‘active’ at the moment, chances are there are little things you’re doing every week that count towards that “30 minutes, five days a week” recommendation. You might be on your way to reaching that milestone and not even realise it. Take a look at some of our ideas below to see what counts as being active. As long as it gets your heart pumping, it counts. How far off do you think you are? What extra little things could you do?

When most of us think about trying to be more “active” we automatically jump to thinking we need to do more “sport” but that’s not the case, especially if you’re just starting out trying to get fitter. Being active doesn’t mean being the fastest, the strongest or the best. It means making a start. Sometimes from nothing. It means carrying on when it’s hard – everyone starts at zero. You’ve got this.



Get off the bus two stops earlier


Jog or hop on the spot for a few minutes

Need more ideas?

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