You’ve got this. We know it, even if you don’t. We’ve all heard it time and time before that being active is good for you, but we still put it off. When we already feel under pressure from other things in our life it’s easy to leave getting active to the bottom of our to-do lists. But the truth is, it might just be what you need. Our activity levels affect so many parts of our life but few of us realise this. Getting that heart pumping and body moving can improve your mood, help maintain a healthy weight and keep your body feeling strong. You’ll probably have fun and make new friends too.

And the good news is, you don’t have to run a marathon every week either. We’re encouraging everybody to just make a start. Maybe you want to try and do an extra 50 metres at the swimming baths (great!). Maybe you went swimming for the first time ever (nice one!). Or maybe you’ve not even been swimming yet but have signed up for a new class (great idea!). Wherever you are on your journey to an active life, we’re behind you.

There are loads of ideas and stories on our website to help get you motivated but do what’s right for you, at your pace. All your personal bests add up to make a huge difference in your life. You’ve got this.

Could you start getting active today?

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