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Our ‘whole system approach’ means we work in partnership with local ambassadors and supporters to commission work that supports our vision of ‘active lives as a way of life’.

Using local insight, we collaborate to test ideas within our community that encourage people to be active. This ‘test and learn’ approach asks what needs to happen to create real change, and evaluates if we got it right. To understand the impact we ‘listen’ to people’s stories using AI technology to analyse social conversations.

If you’d like to pledge to do things differently, and can advocate our ‘whole system change’ approach, get in touch. Together we can do things differently and help local people be more active. Alternatively, if you’re not ready to put an idea into action with us yet, you can read our case studies about others who have, or, for now, download our social media assets and help spread the word with us.

Spread the word with us

Ready-made social media posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Help spread the word about active living.

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Got your own idea?

Have you got an idea for an initiative, project or change that you think needs to happen, that could help people across South Tees be active?

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Do some background reading

Get clued up on the types of projects we’ve funded so far and see how other ambassadors and supporters have created change.

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