Tell us how you’re getting active

We want to know your story, whether it feels like something to be proud of or not. We know getting active can literally feel like you’re climbing a mountain, but sharing how hard it is could actually inspire someone else to think ‘well if they did it, eventually so could I!’. We want to share the reality of getting active.


We’re interested in stories of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a few stretches whilst you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, flexing your muscles doing a spot of DIY or making up dance routines with your kids, we want to know how you’re getting that heart pumping.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of activity either, we want to hear all your great ideas for getting fit! Perhaps you’ve just started or maybe you’ve been getting more active over the past year. 

We think it’s important to feature real people in our campaigns too, so if you don’t mind us perhaps featuring your photo and story in one of our You’ve Got This adverts sometime soon, get submitting those pictures!

Tell us what you've been doing to try and get active

We love hearing your ideas so keep them coming! The more we can inspire others too, the better!