Meet the You’ve Got This core team

Written by: Mark, Lauren, James & Jen, You've Got This Core Team

Our core team is responsible for the smooth running of the You’ve Got This pilot. It’s headed up by Mark Fishpool, with assistance from two programme officers, Lauren and James, as well as data guru, Jen. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what each person’s responsibilities and roles are, then read on to find out more.

I’m responsible for the strategic management of the programme and ensuring the resources we have are coordinated to maximise the opportunity of achieving our vision of ‘active lives as a way of life’. My role is varied and involves working closely with Sport England, who are supporting the YGT pilot and learning with us throughout. I’m passionate about demonstrating the benefits of physical activity and how it can contribute to the broader ambitions of South Tees. We’re growing our partnerships, mainly through The Exchange, which is galvanising a movement. It’s a chance to be part of something big and make South Tees a happier and healthier place to live.

“I am passionate about the opportunities physical activity provides to improve our well-being, build more cohesive communities and help create a sustainable future for our planet.”

My role involves community-focused work in Redcar & Cleveland, specifically in Grangetown and South Bank. A crucial aspect of my role is using a place-based approach to establish relationships and build trust around our ethos and vision. This method means we can address local priorities using a person-centred, bottom-up approach. It also means we can test new ways to support the unique needs of local people and work together on issues that are a priority.

I also work with health professionals such as GPs and social prescribers as well as Slimming World consultants and their members. As the YGT programme develops, it’s also essential that I remain versatile in my role and can support other areas of work as they emerge.

“You’ve Got This has the potential to make real change to the culture and lifestyle in South Tees and I knew I could play a part of challenging the system.”

My role involves community-focused work in Middlesbrough, specifically in North Ormesby and Brambles Farm & Thorntree.

Like Lauren, I also use a place-based approach to embed our vision. I’m passionate about supporting our communities, residents, services and organisations to understand the value of physical activity and the multitude of benefits from moving more.

I also support the work we do with James Cook Hospital and the Prehabilitation workstream that helps people become more active and physically fitter before surgery. Another aspect of my role involves working with the South Tees Trust and helping patients with Type 2 Diabetes. This includes how we can assist people through a low-calorie diet and encourage them to increase their physical activity to put their condition into remission.

“Being active has been a part of my whole life and I want to share the physical activity experience with others. It has shaped the life I lead, the people I socialise with and the way I look after myself.”

I’m responsible for qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis. I also study all of the data available to us to help draw conclusions from the information. Everything we do is insight-led and co-designed with communities, so my role is pivotal in understanding the available information and how we can use that to benefit those living in South Tees.

I collate insight through some quite experimental means, including social listening and storytelling, surveys, implementing focus group questions and creating evaluation frameworks for interventions. I enjoy sharing our insight and learning with others as it’s so valuable to the pilot. I’m currently establishing an insight database that will mean our observation will be more accessible for others.

“I know that being active is so much more than simply being the fastest or strongest; it has the power to build a person’s resilience, improve their mental health and create communities.”

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